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"Our child's confidence in singing and dancing has blossomed! She is not afraid to express herself and really owns these songs as belonging to our family."

Janeen T.

"FAM JAM! is very sensitive to children of all ages and learning styles. The teachers are experts in music development but they also understand young children. I'm so grateful my toddler isn't expected to sit still and pay attention like an adult!"



"We all love the music! Our son looks forward to class and talks about it during the week. And I do too; it's the one time during the week I get to spend focused time with my little one."


"I can't express how important FAM JAM! has been for me, both in my parenting and in building community with other parents of young children. And Cora plays Music Together® all week long: every night she gets the music books from our piano bench and asks me to "read" them to her, meaning sing her the songs!"


"My husband commented the other day, 'How many 3 or 4 year olds do you know that know hundreds of songs?'. I know we'd still be singing without FAM JAM!, but I'm not sure we'd have as many songs in our repetoire! Thanks, Devi, for putting so much quality into the program, for retaining excellent teachers, and for allowing children to be active and creative. The way that you allow kids to be who they are makes the program unique."


"We are very grateful for the FAM JAM class! And the (Music Together®) music collections are a guaranteed savior on long car rides!"


"The atmosphere is relaxed yet we parents are encouraged to take risks and not worry about doing it 'right' but just having fun with music. Seeing the musical development in my child is really amazing. I LOVE the methodology to. And, much to my surprise, I even found my own singing/tone/pitch improving!"


"My child carries over her weekly music class experience to daily activities. We now have a 'dance floor' at home and no evening is complete without a dance party and jam session with pots and pans!"


"My wife and I bring our grandson to class every week. Music Together with FAM JAM! has helped us make so many wonderful musical memories with him. I can't thank you enough!"